Skype Japanese Lessons

Konnichiwa!  I am Tsunehiro Nonaka (Nonaka sensei).  Would you like to learn Japanese with me?


I have been a teacher since 1995 teaching languages (English and Japanese).
I love teaching languages because I do believe that it is a great contribution to connect two countries beyond cultural differences.

Of course, there are many software and apps for translation these days. But face-to-face communication is not replaceable for online mechanical communication.

I do think that face to face communication can bring broader perspectives, self confidence, further respect for mutual cultures, and many other beneficial opportunities.  And most importantly, you can learn authentic human communications from face-to-face communication.

Since I do have the mission above, I have been teaching languages not only students but also adult learners since 2000 when I came to Australia. And I have organised study tours to Japan 4 times before for my students. And I have hosted Japanese schools to my schools for many years.

On the other hand, I kept learning foreign languages including Spanish because I believe that it is important for language teachers to understand learners’ perspectives to learn new languages.  Me gusta Espanol (I like Spanish!)

I keep learning and upgrading methodologies for teaching languages by attending language teachers’s conferences (e.g., MLTAQ: Modern Language Teachers Association of Queensland) and by using new technologies using Skype, Animation, Software, Apps, and so on.

My teaching style is help learner’s output as much as possible because the more output a learner express, the more effective he/she can increase memories and improve the language. In order to do so, I encourage students to use the target language (Japanese) during the lesson, I remind him/her of not afraid of making mistakes in his/her learning process, and I ask him/her to ask many questions to encourage him/her to speak more. Of course I have been supporting their questions and concerns between the lessons by email or skype.

My lessons are order-made ones based on learner’s values, interests, needs and the level.  I will use different types of teaching method from traditional ones to the latest ones.

If you are a totally beginner, don’t worry.  I will teach you Japanese from the very beginning.

If you an intermediate learner who has done Japanese before, let’s reactivate your Japanese brain with me.

If you are an advanced learner, I have a variety of authentic Japanese materials including current news, movies, essays, etc.  Let’s go deeper for Japanese with me!

I love teaching Japanese.  If you are interested in learning Japanese, contact me NOW!  Please tell me your convenient time and let’s discuss about what we can do first (= free consultation).

Thank you so much.
Tsunehiro Nonaka



  • 1 lesson = 30 min ($30)
  • 2 lessons = 60 min (30 min 2) ($50)
  • 3 Lessons = 90 min (30 min 3) ($70)
  • 4 Lessons = 120 min (30 min 4) ($100)
  • after 4 lessons, one lesson will cost $20.

Payment method:

  • Paypal
  • Credit card

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