Online Interactive Class Activities!

Today’s technology greatly helps us learn foreign languages in many interactive ways!  Particularly for classroom settings, many teachers have started using online activities including kahoot, Quizlet Live, Quizizz, etc. Kahoot ( gives learners opportunities for multiple choice quiz, jumbling quiz. … Continue reading Online Interactive Class Activities!

【Quick Challenge Method (5)】Q&A, verbs, hiragana, etc.

Are you ready for mastering basic Japanese conversation quickly?  If you don’t have enough time to learn Japanese, but if you would like to master as fast as you can, this is the right place for you to be! This … Continue reading 【Quick Challenge Method (5)】Q&A, verbs, hiragana, etc.

Hiragana & katakana chart: text

JPG: PDF: Hiragana Katakana Chart <<< Click to download HIRAGANA Quizlet: Hiragana 1 ( Quizlet: Hiragana 2 ( Quizizz:Hiragana 1 ( Quizizz: Hiragana 2 ( KATAKANA Quizlet ( Quizizz ( Continue reading Hiragana & katakana chart: text