Online Interactive Class Activities!

Today’s technology greatly helps us learn foreign languages in many interactive ways!  Particularly for classroom settings, many teachers have started using online activities including kahoot, Quizlet Live, Quizizz, etc. Kahoot ( gives learners opportunities for multiple choice quiz, jumbling quiz. … Continue reading Online Interactive Class Activities!


【WHAT】 Folding a big origami in group (e.g., including Japanese students and Australian students) 【WHY】 To encourage communication between Japanese and Australian students. To show a teamwork beyond cultural and social differences To express oneness representing Australian spirits and Japanese … Continue reading BIG ORIGAMI (We are ONE!)

〇×クイズ(True or False cultural Quiz)with Japanese students

【What】 True or False quiz. In Japan, 〇 (maru) means true, while × (batsu) means false. 【Who】 This quiz activity is good for a big number of students to learn about cultural and social information in Japan and Australia.  For … Continue reading 〇×クイズ(True or False cultural Quiz)with Japanese students