C2C: Year 3&4 (Unit1) – My place, Your place

Comprehensible Input (My place, Your place) Reading Material (L1_Reading_This_is_a_pen) Quizlet 1: Input (https://quizlet.com/_30o1pg) Quizlet 2: Output (1) Fill in the gap (https://quizlet.com/_33c51d) Quizlet 3: Output (2) Jumbling (https://quizlet.com/_377dfn) Quizlet 4: Output (3) Say it in Japanese (https://quizlet.com/_377dvz) Continue reading C2C: Year 3&4 (Unit1) – My place, Your place

【Materials for AC】CHANGE

Lesson 1: What would change if you go to Japan? (lesson-1) Lesson 2: Let’s write your changes in Japanese! (lesson-2) Lesson 3: Let’s create a story! (lesson-3) Useful expressions (useful_expressions) I would like to share worksheet for the unit, “What … Continue reading 【Materials for AC】CHANGE

【Materials for AC】identity

I would like to share my materials for Japanese lessons.  The main concept for the period was identity.  The target was year 4/5/6.  I arranged the contents depending on their level. Lesson 1 (Let’s start learning about identity!): PDF Lesson 2 (Identity): … Continue reading 【Materials for AC】identity