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Konnichiwa, everyone.

Ogenki desu ka? & Welcome to my Nonaka Sensei’s Japanese Genius website!  The main purpose of this website is to help you improve your Japanese.

And as you can see, some activities were made with Quizlet.  Quizlet is a very useful FREE tool for learning the overseas language.  You can create your own quiz, enjoy flash cards and games whatever gadgets you have including computers, smartphones, tablets (e.g., iPad), etc.  (

99% of materials and ideas are my originals!!




How to use this website?

You can start whatever sections you want on this website.  If you are complete beginner, maybe I would suggest you start with “Words“section and move on to “Sentences” section on the menu.  If you lost motivation to learn Japanese, I would suggest you start with “Why Japanese” section on the menu.  If you want to learn origami, go to “culture” section and choose “origami.”

And if you would like to accelerate your learning, I do recommend you to use the following NONAKA Methods I created.

KONNICHIWA (Quick acknowledgement)

And if you are a teacher or parents, and if you have “less motivated” children, and if you would like to increase your children’s energy to learn Japanese, I would recommend you to access the following methodologies that might help them awaken to learning Japanese.


5 Powerful tips to improve your Japanese

The followings are VERY important to learn overseas languages.

1. Link your values to learning overseas languages

If your highest value (priority) is playing video games, ask yourself what are common between playing games and learning Japanese, and ask how is learning Japanese beneficial to playing games.  The more common points and benefits you find, the more inspired you learn Japanese!  (Click here to start the linking task NOW!)

2. Don’t be afraid of your mistakes.

No one is perfect.  Every great success starts with trial and errors.  So it is impossible to avoid mistakes and errors in learning something.  According to researchers, the more mistakes they make, the higher they can achieve.

3. Expose to the language as often as possible.

If you go to Japan, it would be quicker to learn Japanese because you are surrounded by Japanese 7/24.  But if you live in your country, don’t worry.  As long as you increase opportunities to exposure to Japanese, your learning would be more effective.  For example, use apps every day.  Listen and watch Japanese shows on the Internet (e.g., music, animation, drama, movie, etc.).

4. Makeup as many questions as possible.

Traditional teaching and learning environment shows us that a teacher asks questions and students answer those questions.  But everyone knows that type of environment does not work well in most of the cases….  But what if students create questions?  What if students try to answer their own questions by themselves?  Many types of research show that the more quality questions you ask, the more quality results you get!  Your own burning questions enhance your power to absorb new information and wisdom more effectively.  Have your own burning questions to ask!

5. Never give up!

If you don’t give up, anyone can master Japanese.  Period.



Tsunehiro Nonaka

p.s. If you would need me for learning Japanese, please let me know.  I might be able to help you.


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