Online Interactive Class Activities!

Today’s technology greatly helps us learn foreign languages in many interactive ways!  Particularly for classroom settings, many teachers have started using online activities including kahoot, Quizlet Live, Quizizz, etc.

  • Kahoot ( gives learners opportunities for multiple choice quiz, jumbling quiz.  They are answering the same question at the same time.  The quicker students can answer,the higher points they can get.  Teachers can create their own quiz or choose activities other teachers made.  Students can see their ranking on a real time basis.  This is a free service and students do not have to have their account because each activities have unique access code.  Students can participate as individuals or groups.
  • Quizlet live ( gives learners opportunities for multiple choice quiz.  But the biggest difference between Kahoot and Quizlet Live is teamwork and communication.  Quizlet Live automatically generates teams depending on the number of students (at least 6 students will be needed) for each quiz.  Each team member needs to choose the right answer but if one of them click on a wrong answer, the score of the team will be ZERO!  So they need to concentrate to work on their quiz very hard.  But they do not necessarily have the right answer at each time, which means other team member has the right answer to click on.  So they need to communicate within the team very closely and find out who has the right answer!  Students can see their progress on the screen on a real time basis.  If teacher has flashcard activities on Quizlet, they do not have to create new activities.  They cold use the flashcard materials as Quizlet Live as well.
  • Quizizz ( gives learners opportunities to real time competition in class or homework activities working on multiple choice quiz.    Unique points of Quizizz is (1) to show them funny and original feedback each time they get a right or wrong answer, (2) to work on different questions (while students work on the same question in kahoot) based on their paces, (3) to provide homework link and access code and due date!
  • Overview: Each of online activities will enhance students learning!   Students do not have to have ID for all online activities above (they use access code provided for each quiz).  And teachers can download the results in excel formats (kahoot and Quizizz).  However, it will be wise to use those online activities as one of learning opportunities.   I do believe that traditional activities without those technology activities will be also important.

(Photo: Quizlet Live in a classroom)





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