What is a family?

Do you think family is connected each other through their blood? It sounds like OK. But husband and wife do not have any biological connection in terms of blood. They used to be strangers each other. Therefore blood might not the factor to define what family is.

And, even if parents do not live with their children, someone else appears and looks after those children as carers or foster parents. They are another form of family. Therefore once again, blood is not necessarily the only factor to determine what family is.

What about a place? Do family members need to live in the same place? Not necessarily. It is common that some family members live in a different place. But they are still family. Therefore a place is also not the factor to determine what family is.

Do you think whether they are human would be a criteria to be family? Not necessarily. Many people have pets as their family members. Therefore whether or not they are human cannot be the factor to determine what family is.

If human and animals can be a family, what is a common characteristic for family? Can we become a family as long as we are at least life forms? Probably that’s not the case in the future. It is likely that machine can be part of family in the future. We rely much on our life today and some parenting rolles might be replaced by atificial intelligence in the future. The closer the relationship between human and machine becomes, the more artificial intelligence will live together as a family.

So, what is a family after all? It might be depending on matter of our choice. It might be up to us. Family might be the one you feel love. What do you think?


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