PPAP for fun in Japanese activies

PPAP can enhance learners’ creativity and connection with lots of laughter.  Creativity can be defined in many ways.  But one of the definitions of creativity would be connecting two unexpected things to bring something new.  PPAP can enhance to do so.

I used PPAP when we had a Japanese school visit (Of course, we did many other activities with the Japanese school. This is just one of the activities).

What I did was…

  1. Show this video clip.
  2. They sing and dance together!
  3. They create their own version such as…. (A student will be on the stage each time and sing their version of PPAP or Pair of Japanese student and Australian student sing their version of PPAP)
  • I have a ball.  I have a pen.  Un! Ball pen!
  • I have a sushi. I have a pen.  Un!  Sushi pen!
  • I have sensei.  I have a pen.  Un!  Sensei pen!

Of course, this activity would not contribute to improving their language skills.  But this brings lots of laugh and connection.

NEW Examples! >>> PPAP Contest!

This can be applied to further learning such as creating basic sentences including….

  • I have a “boku”.  I have a “wa”. Un!  Boku wa!  I have a “gakkou ni” and I have a “iku” Un!  “Gakkou ni iku.”  Boku wa….. Gakkou ni iku……  Boku wa gakkou ni iku!

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