How to surprise Japanese students?


This is a way to surprise Japanese students at the end of their visit.  This would be a good memory they would not forget with tears…..


Showing a message from all students using hiragana scripts cards.  The message was

ありがとう (A ri ga to u = Thank you.)

すてきなおもいで (su te ki na o mo i de = wonderful memories)

わすれません (wa su re ma se n = We won’t forget)

さみしいよ  (sa mi shi i yo = We are going to miss you.)


  1. Each student has one script card.  In this example, we need 24 students.  If you have less students, some of students can have 2 cards.


2. When the best timing comes, each student runs to the room and stop saying his/her hiragana on the card based on the teacher’s instructions.  They need to hold up the cards above their heads.  (note: I do recommend you to discuss with the other teachers and staff to find out the best timing in advance!  But please don’t let Japanese students know this surprise!)

3. If the room is too small, you can make students stand in 2 or 3 or 4 lines.

4. Once all students stand in front of students.  Students can say the sentences altogether.  (note: if it is too hard for students to say those sentences by themselves, they can repeat after the teacher, YOU).

5. Vow and go out!

6. Japanese students would have tears with smiles!


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