IPPON Grand Prix! (Funny Contest)


  • Quiz to compete who is funny


  • Anyone
  • Japanese students or guests and Australian students (Note: If Japanese students are too shy to participate, they can be judges)


  • To learn basic Japanese sentences
  • To learn differences in terms of sense of humour between Japan and Australia


  1. Make groups in the room (One team ideally has 3 members).  It is preferable if Japanese students and Australian students are in the same group.
  2. Give them small whiteboards and pens.
  3. Show them a quiz (Download).
  4. Give them discussion time for 1 minute.
  5. Ask them to write down their answers on the whiteboards.  They need to write the entire sentence.  (Note: if it is too hard to write in Japanese, it is OK to write in English depending on the level of the students).
  6. Teachers ask each group to show their answers one group by one group.
  7. Teachers find out if it is funny.  (Note: You could ask Japanese students if their answers are funny.  If they feel funny, they can put them hands up.  The number of the hands will be points for each group. Generally speaking, Japanese students are very shy to participate in this game, but if they also join the game as answerers, that would be also fantastic!).
  8. Repeat the procedure above.

download IPPON game!.pptx2


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