Folding a big origami in group (e.g., including Japanese students and Australian students)


  • To encourage communication between Japanese and Australian students.
  • To show a teamwork beyond cultural and social differences
  • To express oneness representing Australian spirits and Japanese spirits, WA(和), We are ONE!
  • To be creative (Teachers will not give them a big square paper.  Teachers give students many A4 sized photocopy paper or colored paper) so that students need to figure out how to make a big square Origami paper!)


  1. Give each group (1) many A4 sized photocopy paper or colored paper, (2) scissors, (3) thick sticky tapes.
  2. Ask them to discuss what to make (e.g., big airplane, big paper crane, etc.).
  3. Ask them to start making big origami!
  4. Celebrate their completion and take photos!


Many students are used to following the instructions by teachers.  So many students might wait for teachers to tell them what to do.  But it is unlikely to complete this activity if they just expect teachers to instruct what to do.  Students need to be proactive, creative and cooperative by communicating each other beyond cultural, social and language differences!.


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