【Quick Challenge Method (3)】Kore/Sore/Are wa nan desu ka?

Let’s master これ(Kore), それ(Sore), あれ(Are) now!

First, please watch the video above without any hints.

Second, please watch again and check the following sentences and guess what it is.  If it is too hard to guess, check this online dictionary Jisho.org).

A:それ(Sore) wa nan desu ka?

B:これ(Kore) wa pai desu.

A:それ(Sore) wa nan desu ka?

B:これ(Kore) wa sushi desu.

A:あれ(Are) wa nan desu ka?

B:あれ(Are) wa piza desu.

Third, speak those sentences at the same time with the video (Shadowing).

Fourth, find your partner and ask each other many questions pointing out whatever and wherever you want.

Don’t forget to clap your hands!  Rhythm is a key!



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