【An introduction】What is the NONAKA method?

I have a mission  in my life.

I have my life purpose.

I have the vision to help children connect to each other regardless the distance and differences.

I am here on the earth to help people connect to other people regardless of the differences, go to the next stage of their lives, and maximise their potentials in their lives through education.

That is why I have been a language teacher in Japan and Australia for more than 19 years!  I am enthusiastic to teach language every single day and to create my own methods, and so on.


That is my key word in my life.


That can give me the inspiration to develop my method, NONAKA method.

The NONAKA method is the connecting methodology to help learners connect their learning to new experiences to break their limited belief to go to the next stage in language learning.

The Nonaka method can connect unfamiliar information with familiar information.  The most “sticky glue” for learners would be the followings including:

And you could use those “glue” to connect unfamiliar information to familiar information based on the universal laws and science.


I would like to share a variety of forms of the NONAKA Method.

    • To connect Learner’s highest priorities (values) and learning Japanese  → e.g., The Important Method (Click here)
    • To connect first language and Japanese words → e.g., Let’s master 31 verbs: (Click here)
    • To connect visual information (e.g., vision/picture/animation) and Japanese words→e.g., Question words: (Click here)
    • To connect physical movement and Japanese words →Body parts: (Click here)
    • To connect music/song  and Japanese conversations → e.g., Twinkle Twinkle Method: (Click here)
    • To connect input and output and other learners → e.g., Quick responding Method (Click here)
    • etc.



Can you now see what the Nonaka Method is?

In short, The NONAKA Method is connecting between:

I believe the more connection, the more effective learning!

Let’s connect what you want to master with something you are familiar with!

“Everything is linkable in the universe” (Dr John F Demartini)

Thank you and arigato,



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