The inner game & the outer game

Did you notice you have two selves within you?

One is called Self 1 who is a speaker that is very talkative and judgmental telling you good or bad.  If Self 1 is dominant in your brain, you tend to make a judge if you are good or bad, right or wrong and as a result, your performance tends to be mechanical and artificial without flow limiting your potentials.

The other is called Self 2 who is calm and quiet and neutral doer with full potentials as human beings.  Self 1 is conscious mind but Self 2 is subconscious.  If we focus on one thing with a high level of concentration, self 1 diminishes and self 2 will automatically express its great potentials.

The idea above is inspired by Timothy Gallwey, “The inner game of tennis” that is a world best selling book not only for tennis players and coaches but also all other types of teachers and coaches around the world.  I created an animation based on my inspiration from his book.  I hope you like it.

How was that?  What do you think?

I do believe that learning overseas language is a similar process to learning tennis.  If our Self 1 is too noisy and destructive, we have lots of hesitation, procrastination, frustration, fears within and can hardly express what we want to say in the target language.  For example, if you are too shy to use the target language in the classroom or with a native speaker, it will be hard to flow in speaking the language.

But if we become mindful and neutral, we can focus on one thing including using the language.  I do believe that mindfulness exercise focusing on deep and slow breath can help learners to activate Self 2 to show great potentials for the target language.

The language of Self 1 is text and words.

The language of Self 2 is images.

And both need to have well relationships.  Language teachers tend to focus on text but they also need to focus more on images.

So what I would like to suggest is asking students to close their eyes to store what they learned in their subconscious mind.

In summary, students can maximize their potentials by:

Most importantly, they should have a habit to CLOSE THEIR EYES to visualize what they are learning and learned to store the information in subconscious mind (Self 2).

Let’s get the results in Self 2 first (inner game) before getting the results outside (outer game)!

Thank you and Arigato,




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