【The Nonaka Method】Let’s master 31 Basic Japanese verbs NOW!

1. Romaji/plain form                                                          

2. Scripts/plain form

3. Romaji/masu form                                                           




  1. with picture/hiraragana
  2. without picture/hiragana
  3. with picture/roma-ji
  4. Quick Verb Mastery (1): Word Translation (Romaji)
  5. Quick Verb Mastery (2): Phrase Translation (Romaji)
  6. Quick Verb Mastery (3): Q&A (Romaji)


I would like to share my new video and handout for mastering basic Japanese verbs for beginners. As you can see, I try to link English word and Japanese verbs in terms of similar sounds and body parts (It is like OYAJI GYAGU!). If students can link each image and short phrases, I believe that students may be able to learn verbs and basic colocation more easily.

A possible procedure to teach would be:

1. Give them the handout (attached) and explain.
2. Show them the video clip.
3. Ask them what they might remember. For example, they can write down as many verbs as possible for 1 minute.
4. Ask them to close their eyes and to say each short phrase with the internal image from the video clip (This step can help student restore the image and information in subconsciousness).
5.Ask them to find out their partners to ask questions to each other using the “BASIC_VERB_STRATEGY” sheet (e.g., asking meaning, masu form, te-form, etc.) for 1 minute.

6. Practice using those verbs (e.g., ask them to make sentences with different nouns) using Quick_Verb_Mastery_1

<Video references>

https://youtu.be/e-Cg65EY09E (plain form)
https://youtu.be/CZhwcLZFUN8 (masu-form)                                   https://youtu.be/_5NDhVD2Iv8 (Scripts)



BASIC_VERB_STRATEGY   <<< Click on the link to download the list of the verbs 

Quick_Verb_Mastery_1 <<< Click on the link to download the sheet


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